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May 22, 2008

A block Wall

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I feel as though I’ve hit a block wall. Yes, I work from home but that doesnt mean its all hunkey dorey. Its hard work.  Do you know how hard it is to “Work” your business and”Build” it when you want to spend time with your family. My husband is off work today and he has days off all the time and I know during this time, I could get a LOT of work done with my business by going into the local area and putting the word out but i feel guilty. He works long, hard hours and I want to spend time with him.   This summer is going to be difficult for me. I’ve already slacked off so much.  I have such high hopes for my business and I KNOW it will work.  I just have to get into the :”Groove” of working.  I am thinking of printing up a work schedule for this summer so I have “set hours” that I need to get in.. No, I don’t have set hours…. but maybe I should, if I write them on a peice of paper, then I’ll be more apt to get them in. I need to do this.
I’m one of the lucky ones…I don’t HAVE to work, bu I really want to bring in an income. It would make me feel better.. Plus, who doesn’t like extra money….

Anyway, I am now going to work out and walk an exta mile or two…….





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